Posted by: Kanna | 07/04/11

KOTOKO album in the works, I’ve at Comiket 80

KOTOKO will be releasing a new album sometime within the fall. This of course will be followed by a live tour as well. No details are known beyond this.

In other news, I’ve will be participating at Comiket 80 during August 12 to 14 at Tokyo Big Sight this summer. As announced through the Tribal Link live pamphlet, they will be at Visual Art’s booth 212 in the dealer’s hall. This is particularly significant as I’ve have never actually been to a summer Comiket before to my knowledge – this will be their first time.

My guess is that it might be the Tribal Link DVD or something of the sort – but you never know.

Finally on some sadder news, as KuroiYuki mentioned on our Twitter account earlier – we’re looking for a new news reporter who will be more… up to date on the news than I am. If any of you are interested in taking the position and have a strong interest and passion in I’ve and will actually help keep the blog up to date, then we look forward to having you.



  1. I’m totally sorry. *bow*

    I will still help updating via twitter, though.

  2. not really expecting much especially with the singles preceding it…. I hope BUCCANEER is on it

  3. Can I be your new reporter? :P

  4. i really hope that bloom is in there from kotoko not really sure when that come out =[

  5. At last good news!… cause lately it’s like I’ve girls are not doing much… anyway, it’s great to know that a new album from KOTOKO will be released soon… or so I hope xD.

    & btw, anyone knows something about MELL?… ^^

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