Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/21/11

New songs! 3 of them! Announced all at once! From Mami and Outer!

Ahh, the sweet smell of news. Well, news a bit past its recommended sell-date, perhaps, as it was yesterday when I was handed this one by one of the blog’s many unpaid interns whose work I steal and call it my own – but, alas, my own laziness prevented me from writing about it on time. Have no fear, though, my shocking lack of professionalism hasn’t completely sunken my ability to make news posts yet, and so here I present you with the EXCITING, ALBEIT DAY-OLD, NEWS!

First order of business: etude soft, they of the also I’ve-supported eroge Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori (which gave the world the lovely Mami Kawada song “for our days”), has a new game coming out by the name of Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki! To be called “NanaToki” by those who are less fond of using 6 words every time an eroge’s title comes up in conversation, which it most assuredly does. This new etude joint is set to be a fully-endorsed I’ve venture, with the incomparable Mami Kawada singing both its opening and ending theme songs, and background music handled by I’ve as well. Look for this one to come out on November 25 of this year, and for a blog post about the songs’ preview versions to presumably be posted about a week or two after they get put on the game’s website. I’m being realistic here.

Second bit of news, the upcoming Outer mini-album has been confirmed to include at least one new song! It’s actually worth buying now! KOTOKO also posted on her blog about shooting a PV for the album, so there’s a good chance that there will be a DVD bundled with the mini-album as well. You know, in case the Comiket exclusive nature didn’t make it expensive enough as-is.



  1. This is what I’m waiting for! New Mami song!! I can’t wait to hear those. My fanboyism for Mami is still active than ever. :D

  2. New Mami song, eh. She’s on good streak recently, looking forward to it.

    And outer…. well, good luck.

  3. Yeaaaaaaaah Mami! <3

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