Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/26/11

Shocking news: I’ve Sound producers have an official fan club, this information somehow evaded me

The I’ve Sound Creator’s Official Fan Club, apparently shortened as “IVE’s”, is a real thing that exists. For anyone who wants to pay the membership fee of 2800 yen (whether or not this is an offer open to Japanese only remains to be seen – preferably by somebody who can actually read the language), a world of untold riches is promised as one gets access to exciting exclusive content that in no way is completely unappealing and doesn’t justify the money at all.

The content available to the public seems at the moment to be limited to a sample video of Takeshi Ozaki playing guitar and doing a rather awful job at it, profiles of each of the 4 main “I’ve Sound creators” (notably, evil witch Maiko Iuchi is nowhere to be found), and promises of access to exclusive download content and even CD releases that most assuredly won’t wind up on torrent sites shortly after their release. Not at all. In a related note, almost every word of this news post has been completely sarcastic.

In all seriousness, though, it is nice to see some attention paid to the men behind the music – the “I’ve Sound” has been their creation, after all, and credit where credit’s due. It just seems rather doubtful at this point that the content offered by this new fan club will be anything worth writing home about.



  1. I haven’t commented here in ages >.< sorry.
    Hello again though!

    With it being worldwide… i don't know weather it will be or not, most fanclubs are but recently fanclubs like Heresy (The GazettE fanclub) & some other PSCompany fanclubs have been having trouble and i think they are trying to encourage all possible members from overseas to move to the new Global PSC as it has more features for overseas fans.

    So more fanclubs may start doing this too…i think some are but i think most are keen for all members from everywhere no matter where you are in the world, i mean a little extra money doesnt hurt does it?

  2. I’d so enter their fanclub if I could afford it.

  3. I assume that this fan club is only for those under Fuctory Record, which is why there’s no Maiko Iuchi in the rooster.

    Not interested, more interested in Mami’s fc :V

    • I assumed that the record label was probably to credit for the lack of Maiko, but I couldn’t resist a stab at the evil witch :P

      • You know I hate you for that, aibu :V

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