Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/01/11

KOTOKO leaving I’ve, for real this time.

In a move that could’ve been predicted by absolutely no-one, KOTOKO has, indeed, split from I’ve. The announcement was made on the site for her upcoming fifth album – which will be released neither on Lantis nor Geneon Universal, but instead on unaffiliated record label Warner Home Video.

While I’ve creator Kazuya Takase is still amongst the credited arrangers, the majority are of a new, trendier sort. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai artist and sometime trance producer Hanasoumen P, Touhou doujin-music circle Alstroemeria Records’ founder masayoshi minoshima, VOCALOID arranger DECO*27, Livetune’s kz and anime-music producer Shinya Saito round out the list of producers seen so far – it’s definitely an all-star lineup they’ve got, although a similarly stacked roster didn’t exactly help IKU’s album.

So… KOTOKO’s gone now. What’s going on with I’ve?



  1. KOTOKO should’ve done this a long time ago.
    And I hope this is gonna be better for her carreer.

  2. No wonder they’ve been giving Kaori decent songs and promoting LSP so much…it’s cuz their cash cow is leaving =/ I wonder if this means MAKO is here to stay? Hope so!

    Anyway, i think this could be good news for KOTOKO.Her track record as of late has been less than stellar, so hopefully she’ll at least get some decent songs out of the switch. Still, she IS the I’ve big name, so I hope they do OK without her.

  3. Wait..gonna’ take a moment to enjoy this moment………. .

    HOLLY COW!!!!!! I didn’t thought i’d be seeing these words written on this blog. Most definitely a day to remember for much time after. Good days will come for KOTOKO! Her next album is already pre-ordered!!!

    P.S. The folks above already pointed all i had to say, good comments.

    • Yeah, she’s leaving the group where she made her name and getting a random grab bag of completely unaffiliated VOCALOID and Touhou producers to bring their B-game in hopes of getting some sweet, sweet Warner Bros. cash. A happy day indeed. :/

  4. Whoa. I admit to not paying attention to much inside I’ve over the past couple of years, so this is still a shock. I had always wanted her to leave I’ve because she didn’t deserve to go down with the ship, so to speak. I hope it was amicable, like when MOMO and SHIHO left.
    This album looks very electronic, hopefully it will follow where Epsilon no Fune left off.

  5. Warner Database Site says that Maiko, C.G mix, Nakazawa still participated in the Album., so i guess that means the Singles will find its place on the Album too. SCREW=Takase, BUCCANEER=Maiko, Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo=C.G.mix, Loop the Loop=Nakazawa…
    BTW i totally Love the new pictures of her!
    And yeah I hope the Album will be full of Trancesongs, all of those new producers seem to be pretty familiar with that genre

  6. loop the loop was horrible and some of the denpa she did was well….=/ sry to say not to good over all she did some good stuff back in the day like blaze being and Undying love from the extract 7 album very good skills with those songsas well very excited for the new album hope she does a good start with them

  7. I want to audition for a singer…where can I find I’ve sound’s office or studio…

    I’m from the Philippines…

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