Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/12/11

KOTOKO left I’ve, but her album’s still mostly I’ve anyhow.

As reported on Aibublog’s sister site La Clef, KOTOKO has indeed left I’ve, yet mysteriously her upcoming album’s production credits seem incredibly familiar. Of the album’s 13 tracks, all originals, 7.5 are I’ve tracks, with that .5 going out to a song that Maiko Iuchi composed and somebody else arranged. Definitely interesting news, and makes Hiraku Uchuu Pocket seem a bit more worthy of continued news coverage even though she was supposed to have split with the group. There’s also a preview of the song TR∀NSFORM available on the album’s website, and while it’s sounding good so far, it’s sure to disappoint anyone who was hoping KOTOKO was going to be trying something new, as Takase’s production is pretty unmistakeably Takase.



  1. The more things change, am I right?

  2. I think we should still keep track with KOTOKO after this, simply because she was a member for so long.

    • That’s what La clef is for.

      • True, very true!

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