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In contrast with the rest of this blog’s assuredly dead serious content, reader suggestions have led to the creation of a “fun” page where all the tragedies of Maiko Iuchi’s latest abomination or our girl KOTOKO’s constantly-getting-worse vocal output can be set aside in favour of good, old-fashioned ironically italicized fun! And, as such, this page will probably be updated at a constant rate of about once a year (still giving it a valuable one-up on the nobody-ever-reads-it “FAQ” page), but it will be a fun once a year.

Suggestions for new features on the fun page will be taken into consideration (and hopefully not rejected outright all the time), and new facts for the “fun facts” section or fan content submissions will be taken via e-mail at aibumeanscaress[at]

Fun (and maybe stupid) I’ve Sound Facts arranged alphabetically by topic

Maiko Iuchi:

  • Was originally known under the alias “Miu Uetsu” (羽越実有)
  • Composed all of the background music for the anime series To Aru Majutsu no Index (とある魔術の禁書目録)
  • Outside of I’ve, has arranged for Geneon artist Rina Aiuchi (愛内里菜)

Tomoyuki Nakazawa:

  • Played drums in a Megadeth cover band called “Tiger Jet-dan” (タイガージェット団) in high school
  • Worked at an electronics shop in Akihabara before joining Takase in Sapporo
  • Occasionally works as a trance duo with Takase under the name “HARD STUFF”
  • Plays keyboards in the group “Scheme” along with fellow I’ve members Takeshi Ozaki and Harry Yoshida

Takeshi Ozaki:

  • Played bass in KOTOKO’s live band and was the guitarist for western-themed rock group COWPOKES
  • Both COWPOKES’ debut EP and full-length album were produced by Kazuya Takase, with C.G mix as a guest on the latter

Kazuya Takase:

  • Was in a combination Judas Priest/Masayoshi Takanaka (高中正義) cover band during high school
  • Arranged the song “IF YOU WERE HERE” for Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MIX as “F.T.K”
  • Prior to starting I’ve, went under the aliases F.T.K, WORM WORLD and MediaSync Puu
  • Allegedly a big horror fan (according to MELL, he was watching The Dead Zone during breaks in the Red fraction sessions)
  • Has sung background vocals on a few I’ve Girls vocal songs
  • Hasn’t said who the wife is, but revealed in an I’ve Talk Jam that he’s married

And, as they say in Monty Python, now for something completely different:

Fan creations

First bit of work to be submitted to I’ve Sound Blog’s “fan creation” section is reader NumberXIII’s ‘alternate take’ lyrics for WHEEL OF FORTUNE, found on his DeviantART page here. Rather than a translation, he decided to take the song and write out a different set of lyrics based on the ‘feeling’ of the song. Interesting concept!

Reader Yuki88 submitted these lovely Mami Kawada-themed wallpapers for your desktop’s pleasure:

And, as has been said before, other fan creations are always welcome so keep ’em coming in!

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