Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/31/11

Outer and KOTOKO news! Hooray!

Outer is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time! Everything you could possibly want to know about that upcoming Comiket-exclusive Outer mini album is now conveniently available on the previously-useless Outer Official Web Site, and since I’m so nice I’ll go and summarize everything you need to know about this upcoming release right here.

The title will simply be “Outer”, and the album will come bundled with a DVD containing a music video for Nekonade Distortion‘s profanely-titled theme song Bullshit!! Hard problem!! as well as an Outer T-shirt. Or maybe the T-shirt’s sold separately, the site isn’t terribly clear on this matter. As for the album’s tracklist, here it is (new songs in bold):

  1. Ha!!!ppiness (Niizumi wa Mahou Shoujo OP)
  2. Synthetic Organism (Hatsujou Carte ~Hiiro no Ryoujoku Niku Omocha~ image song)
  3. BARE END (original song) – lyrics: KOTOKO, composition & arrangement: Kazuya Takase
  4. L.A.M. -Laze and Meditation- (Korashime ~Kyouiku-teki Shidou~ ED)
  5. Leave me hell alone (DEVOTE2 ~Ikenai Houkago~ OP)
  6. Dirty Boots (Sonic Youth cover)
  7. easy prey (original song) – lyrics: KOTOKO, composition: Kazuya Takase, arrangement: Takeshi Ozaki
  8. Bullshit!! Hard problem!! (Nekonade Distortion OP)

The album will be released exclusively at Comiket 80, which will be taking place from August 12 to 14 of this year.

In KOTOKO news, it’s been announced that her blog, which had resided at her homepage for quite some time, will be moving to a new space on Japan’s Ameba service as of tomorrow. She’s yet to officially make the move, but there’s a profile set up for her as well as a lovely banner image that shows the I’ve star leaning on something of a completely indeterminable origin. Any guesses as to what the hell that is are welcome.

Finally, KOTOKO’s upcoming album remains untitled no longer – Hiraku Uchuu Pocket (ヒラく宇宙ポケット) is due to come out October 5, and whether or not this will be released on Lantis or Geneon Universal remains to be seen – however, Geneon seems more likely as KOTOKO has released a few singles since her last release on the label and it’s rather unlikely that they would want those songs to remain orphaned as single-only tracks. Either way, a new album from KOTOKO is a good thing no matter who’s putting it out, and I’m looking forward to this one.



  1. It looks like a door from those Little Tykes houses, but you never know. I really am inclined to pick up the Outer album as well.

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