Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/14/11

And now KimiNazo has credits too!

See what I did there? Shortening the title so I don’t hate to write Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!! every time the song comes up? That’s using my head. Anyhow, hot on the heels of its B-side credit announcement, the curtain’s been raised so we can all know that Larval Stage Planning’s major debut has, for the most part, the same credits as its coupling song.

Composition and arrangement, as with on the B-side, are both handled by the ever-capable Kazuya Takase, with a bit of a curveball coming in the form of the lyricist announcement. The lyrics for this one have been taken care of by none other than singer-songwriter Aki Hata – who has recorded songs for Lantis herself, although she’s arguably more famous for contributing BGM to games such as Soul Edge. That’s right, the one that wasn’t Soul Calibur.



  1. ^ dude, but I have posted about this way long ago :V

    • It didn’t show up when I was searching the blog to see if this had actually been posted before, so consider your post redacted.

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