Posted by: 光星 | 09/21/08

PSI-missing TV version on Nicovideo, other news

A radio promo played the TV version of To Aru Majutsu no Index’s opening theme PSI-missing. It isn’t quite the background music from the promo video, but it’s pretty similar. The anime itself premieres on October 4.

Also, as 愛撫 alluded to already, BALDRSKY, the next game in the BALDR series of games has been announced, and a promo video has been put up on youtube. It reveals that KOTOKO and C.G mix will once again team up for the opening theme, titled “Restoration.” 愛撫’s analysis is spot on: this one should be awesome.

A couple more bits of eroge news: Selen’s next game Haramiko will feature some sort of I’ve talent for its opening and background music. The short version of Crash Course will be released on October 1 through a special banner campaign promotion. Won’t stop anyone from uploading it to Nicovideo or elsewhere, of course.

Those who are considering buying the enigmatic “master groove circle” might not want to drag their heels for too much longer: CDJapan is already sold out of their “first press” cellphone strap bonus and are running out of their allotment of pre-orders. There have been mentions at Amazon Japan and other places that a non-limited edition (GNCV-1008) of the album might be released, but details on that are sketchy.
MINOR UPDATE: Evidently it’s out in stores already. Here is a picture of what it looks like, for those who were wondering.

Finally, as you may have noticed, I’m going to try to keep up with I’ve projects that have been announced but not yet finalized. I have had trouble remembering all the stuff that had been announced months in advance, so I’m just going to put what we know up there and hopefully be able to update the dates as soon as they’re announced.



  1. Wow PSI-missing is very upbeat — it’s very much better than the BGM in the trailer IMO. ^_^ I’m having a hunch that either Takase or Nakazawa will do the arrangement but I have strong feeling with the former since it has some piano riffs just like in “triangle” and the one in “Utsukushiku Ikitai -10 Years Anniversary Mix-“. Good job to the one who arrange this. I’m lovin’ it. XD

  2. I knew the BGM from the trailer wasn’t PSI-missing!!! The music wasn’t even written to have vocals which you could hear from the arrangement.

  3. Re: PSI-missing sounds quite promising. Sort of “triangle” meets “JOINT” flavored with a little “Beehive” inbetween. Certainly raises the anticipation over the Single quite considerably.
    Also curious as to how IKU’s ED for this Anime project is going to sound like. Not that her Debut impressed me quite positively (rather generic J-Pop and Takase’s invovlement didn’t add much good to the songs either…though the c/w was okay if you ask me). Here’s hoping IKU will show some improvement this time around (though being nitpicky and never pleased I’d have prefered another I’ve Vocal Hime to handle the ED as well *cough* Utatsuki Kaori…it’s been too long since we’ve got a Single release coming from her! *cough*).

  4. Bah, I totally missed this post! I love the song (from what we’ve heard of it anyway) – I’m really looking forward to the single :D

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