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MELL, you’re getting creepier by the single

Amazon has updated info on MELL’s upcoming single “KILL.” The ending theme/B-side is called “on my own” which doesn’t really reveal as much as the teaser image, if you get what I’m saying. Surprise! Amazon also says the single will come out on November 19th, a week earlier than CDJapan claims.

Also, a three-track single for the aisp@ce theme “U make 愛 dream” will be released for sale on December 3, whether the game itself is launched by then or not. And if you guessed that Kazuya Takase did the arrangement for the song, you would be right.



  1. Well, even if we don´t know if that´s gonna be the final cover image of “KILL”, I think it fits perfect the dark and enigmatic side of MELL (damn… she looks so sexxxy huhuhu).

    And about the songs I’m pretty sure that KILL will be a fast past song (something like Red Fraction I hope, with a strong guitar included) and “on my own” sounds to me like a mid-tempo melody, and if I have to thrown the dice, I would say, maybe with a “Proof” style.

    But about me, I’ve already placed my pre-order at Cdjapan, so, there’s no regret, I played my luck with the single, wether if it’s great or not.

  2. Is that back tattoo for real? I always thought she was gorgeous, but this is kind of a turn off…

  3. Hey Geneon; how about more previews of the song and less pictures of MELL’s back?

  4. That’s a piece of fabric.

  5. Oh wait! I see it now! I doubt it’s real at all. She seems to be going for the Yakuza look there.

  6. Yakuza tattoos traditionally go down the arms like sleeves; I believe you’re right that it’s fake (most tattoos on singers for promotional images tend to be), but it’s more a gothic thing than yakuza.

  7. @Aibu-You’re definately right about that, but the coloring that I can make out just made me think of the Yakuza tattoos. MELL is a strange beauty, so either way, she pulls it off nicely.

    I figured Takase-sama was the composer/arranger of U make Ai dream. I actually like the song a lot. It’s just sad that’s it’s probably not a major release.

  8. Wait, are we talking about the same MELL here? ‘Cause whenever I look at her photo shoots, she’s fuglier than all hell. Sure, she’s “decent”, but the only slight beauty she holds is because they pimped her out in so much goth that you can hardly even make out her face. But none of the I’ve girls were ever that pretty… The only one who holds any cuteness at all is KOTOKO. everyone else looks like a burlap sack, imo.~

  9. I must say, I too am surprised by all the ‘sexy’ comments that come up whenever new pictures are posted. I mean, really now, the ‘hottest’ I’ve girl looks like this:

    I wouldn’t go far as calling any of them ‘fugly’ (aside from maybe Kaori Utatsuki), but it really is surprising to hear terms like ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ tossed around when the I’ve girls are being discussed.

  10. That just means that some of us have tainted views of what beauty is, now doesn’t it?

  11. But… what do you mean with that?… is it wrong to be sexy or beautiful, maybe the I’ve girls shouldn’t be that way, but why?

    I remember the first time a friend of mine saw the KOTOKO live in yokohama dvd, he told me “hey… that’s an ugly girl”… talking about how KOTOKO looks like of course, and I thought “but for me she’s so beutiful and tender”, of course for me he was wrong.

    The beautiful or sexy side of a singer has nothing to do with her quality on stage, it’s normal for everyone, for us or for them, c’mon… that’s not a flaw.

    For me, KOTOKO and MELL has their own beautiful and special side, and if someone wants to compare them with a type of girl… fine with that, but for me, image is image… talent is talent.

  12. being sexy is not about how you look, is about how you move, how you look to the camera, mell is always full of intensity so i can understand why some people find her atractive

  13. MELL strikes me half the time as ‘trying too hard’. The camera in her PVs are all over the place, even seeming to avoid her face at times, and, personally, knowing the Japanese and hearing the tacked on Engrish, it’s really only good for some goose bumps(and maybe some lawlz).
    Not my opinion of beauty, but hey, knock yourselves out.

  14. Agree, agree! Haha! Even if the I’ve girls are not photogenic or whatsoever, they are sexy on their own way incomparable to other good-looking J-pop singers. :P

  15. MELL *is* hot, dammit. And this is coming from a girl.

  16. Yeah @AG, I agree with your comment 100%, but it’s for everything you said that I think we should valorate each one of the I’ve girls.

    At least, they are not only image but also true performers on stage, with their beautiful voices and carisma, and of course, their own “sexy” side, whether you like it or not.

  17. “Valorate” (sic) isn’t a word.

  18. Yeah, sorry for that mistake, “valorate” is a word but not in english (sometimes I get confused posting in differents lenguages at the same time huhuhu).

    But my point is that we should give them the importance they deserve for their talent, and if we think about the lack of quality of others artist that are not even able to sing well on stage, it has more merit.

  19. It’s kinda like how Mami has 3 front teeth instead of two. At first I thought “That’s really gross!” but then I thought “It’s actually kinda hot…”

    So yeah beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you wanna talk about hotness, Reina is the sexiest singer to ever grace I’ve.

  20. >So yeah beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you wanna talk about hotness, Reina is the sexiest singer to ever grace I’ve.

    Which of course also raises the question what happened to Reina >_< First introduce her as the newcomer among I’ve Sound’s ladies for the 1st Budokan concert and then we’ve never head anything from her past that. Yeah, I’ve has been rather cagily about members leaving (IIRC both SHIHO and MOMO announced through *their* own blogs/websites rather then I’ve handing out that news flash to their fans at all) but still it’ll be nice to at least *know* for sure what happened to Reina…

  21. Well Reina seems really young, so she could be away at college.

  22. You know, I don’t know nothing about Reina (my fault) because I found out about I’ve following KOTOKO and then I found MELL too, but any information about former members of I’ve it’s something unknown for me.

  23. Wait, I thought Reina’s set to do an ED or OP for game or something? I could’ve sworn I read it here… Could’ve gotten it wrong though.

    They’re not conventional beauties, I’ll give you that, but I still think the I’ve Girls are hot. Admittedly I’m probably a bit biased since I love them, but everyone has their own beauty. These girls are definitely not models, but not everyone have to have model-like looks to be beautiful. (Yeah, I’m a girl, inner beauty and all that.)

    Ahhh, really can’t wait for the single…

  24. Naddie: You’re probably thinking of IKU who is doing the ending of To Aru Majutsu no Index.
    I know little about Reina, but my guess is that she got kicked out under the same circumstances that caused MOMO and SHIHO to leave, that is, the other five core vocalists’ contracts with Geneon.

    I might as well give my views on this whole “I’ve is/isn’t hot” debate. I never really cared what the I’ve members looked like, since I became a huge fan a year and a half before I’ve’s first real visual promotion came out in the See You PV, which didn’t help matters. Since then, I have rarely found myself attracted to any of the singers, with the rare exception being the 421 -a will- PV, which has more to do with KOTOKO’s acting than her visual qualities. Nothing has given me the reason to think otherwise. MELL’s the only one that has gone the immodest route, and I’m glad no other I’ve member has tried, though I’m half-expecting KOTOKO to desperately switch to a full “idol” mode sometime next year if Mami and MELL keep gaining in popularity.

  25. @Naddie: As 光星 noted that’s IKU not Reina. Reina merely had 3 songs published through I’ve with actually one of them being a clearly Reina done such (Close to me…(Mixed up) and Cross talk -2006-ver. not counting as to be I’ve songs that had her in charge of vocals originally). But what puzzles me is that Reina actually had her major debut introduction as I’ve member through the 1st Budokan concert and I’d say she was rather well received (mind you I rate her take on Close to me… even surpassing Kaorin’s and found the vocal training with/by KOTOKO certainly has payd off). Also going by promotion of the concert prior and past its been held almost always had her involved (i.e. the I’ve girls promoting the DVD release by dropping by at Akihabara’s Game stores/shops). So what I’m trying to say is, that I’d like to know what happened with her (or differently phrased I’d prefer to see/hear some lifesign from Reina coming forth I’ve instead!).
    In case of SHIHO and MOMO’s “retirement” from I’ve, as far as I followed that both stated to their leaving was more in order to focus on their solo projects…and especially in case of SHIHO (who’s btw. putting out some real goodness through STARAVID ever since then!) I’m inclined to believe that reasoning. It’s a real pitty about MOMO though as I considered her I’ve songs to range among real awesomeness (is that a word?) that I’ve Sound came up with and her POR stuff…well let’s just keep it at saying it’s not the kind of music I get or enjoy listening to.

  26. @littleharlock- I’m glad we agree on POR’s work. I think MOMO’s best work was indeed with I’ve.

    As for Reina, I wonder why she didn’t perform Isolation at Budokan? That song was pure gold! Oh well, hopefully she reappears at Budokan ’09. I miss her!!

  27. But is there a chance for Reina to be at Budokan 2009 if she’s no longer an I’ve member?

    As I said, I don’t know nothing about Reina, and I rather choose today’s five vocalist performing at Budokan than former members on stage, because that would mean more songs to perform for each one of them.

  28. OW i was absent for many days :/ and i can’t read alllllllll the messages up there…

    MELL MELL !! she Rocks !

    Wow that seems a big tattoo :O and as ever MELL showing the best side of her (the sexy and enigmatic MELL) like that and if her new single KILL (what a name!) contains a little of Jrock or JAlternativeRock ^^ i like it much more ^^

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