Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/04/11

Works for Soundtrack

I’ve Sound (or actually Maiko Iuchi) has created background music for Tsuyokiss series, and it will still continue with the third installment of this eroge by CandySoft. The eroge’s official site just revealed the info. It’s still uncertain if I’ve Sound will also perform the theme song. Learning from the past, KOTOKO will probably sing it.

Next one, this is still a rumor. According to Anime News Network, I’ve Sound will work on the background music TV anime DOG DAYS. The official site of the anime, however, hasn’t revealed any updates regarding the background music composer. Will this be just another hoax or real deal, we’ll just wait and see.



  1. Yeah probably KOTOKO will get her hands for Tsuyokiss. It’s always her on that eroge. And speaking of Maiko, she really is the one responsible for See visionS. Confirmed by watching the TV size though I’m aware that I’m late with the news. x___x

  2. […] remember about I’ve Sound working on the background music for CandySoft’s eroge Tsuyokiss 3?? Now you have more, it will also have I’ve […]

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